Shamli Distillery & Chemical Works
Shamli Distillery unit was installed at Shamli, Dist. Muzaffarnagar (U.P.) in the year 1945 with an installed capacity of 6.60 lakhs gallons per annum. Subsequently, the capacity was increased in stages as detailed below to reach its present level of 16.20 lakhs gallons per annum.

Installed Capacity (Gallons per annum)

Since this distillery is located adjacent to the Sugar factory, it has an inherent advantage of procuring molasses from the Sugar unit through pipelines.

In the year 2001, to increase the production capacity of Country Liquor and Indian Made Foreign Liquor, the Shamli Distillery Unit renovated their existing Bottling Hall, which can now produce more than 2 Million cases per annum.

At present, the unit is producing Indian Made Foreign Liquor, Country Liquor, malt, Rectified Spirit, Denatured Spirit, Anhydrous Alcohol & Extra Neutral Alcohol.

This distillery unit has also been selling standard quality of Rectified Spirit & Extra Neutral Alcohol to various distilleries in Uttar Pradesh and other States for production of Indian Made Foreign Liquor & Country Liquor brands in the Country. In the year 2003-04 the Union Government took the decision to blend 5% Anhydrous Ethanol with the petrol in different States. To produce and supply the Anhydrous Ethanol the Unit has installed an Anhydrous Ethanol Plant having a capacity of 15000 BLs per day.

"For co-generation of Steam & Power, the unit has also installed a high pressure boiler of 12 Tonnes per hour capacity with a steam pressure of 45kg/cm2 and an extraction-cum-condensing Turbine of 1 Mega Watt capacity".

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