The Management of this Company believes in ethical management practices and implement them in true spirits. They are extremely sensitive towards their social commitment obligations from the very beginning. Few years back, Company established a full-fledged Hospital with adequate indoor beds and other equipments, like X-Ray Machine etc., at Shamli, known as Sir Shadi Lal Memorial Hospital and the same was handed over to the State Government. A big Community Hall costing more than Rs. 40 lakhs was built in the heart of the city of Shamli and the Company contributed more than 50 per cent of the cost of construction. currently in 2018 company added Dental treatment facility in the hospital which is situated in the factory campus, here general public can also be allowed for treatment.

The repair work of the roads of the command area is taken on a regular basis. Regular donations are given to the various Voluntary Organizations and other welfare organizations, for organizing Eye Camps, Family Planning Camps and other activities at Shamli. The Company also undertakes on a regular basis recreational programmes at Shamli and the District Exhibition at Muzaffarnagar.